German McDonald’s Franchisee Offered Free Delivery To Osnabrück Residents in “Crazy Saturday” Event

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

McDonalds BigMac Fries

Last week a German McDonald’s franchisee in Osnabrück took the chain’s food to the customer’s doorstep in a one day campaign called “Crazy Saturday”.  Customers were able to order their meal from home and have it delivered moments later for no additional charge.

The idea came about when the owner of this particular McDonald’s franchise would repeatedly get asked if the restaurant delivered.  There happens to be delivery service for McDonald’s in Asia, Egypt, and several US locations, but none in Germany.

“Since we often got asked about the non-existent delivery service, we dealt with the issue and decided to test this scenario for and with our customers on Crazy Saturday,” said Christian Eckstein, the head of 20 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Germany.

This day long test consisted of twenty drivers delivering orders throughout the city of Osnabrück.  As long as the customer didn’t mind waiting for their food to be delivered, it was an easy choice.  The food price remained the same and there was no additional charge for delivery.

It almost sounds too good to be true, and now other McDonald’s locations throughout Germany are being asked when this delivery service will be coming to them.  A spokesperson for McDonald’s was quick to end the speculation and stated that the company has no plans to roll out a delivery program in the country.

“At the moment we are not planning a nationwide delivery service,” the spokesman stated. “But that does not exclude any local offers. A nationwide delivery service would be a big challenge, especially in sparsely populated areas with long distances.  Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that our customers will receive the product just as fresh and delicious as they are in the restaurant.”


Sources: The Local, The Daily Meal
Photo: Don [Flickr]

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