Volkswagen’s Best Selling Product Has No Engine Or Wheels

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

VW Sausage - Bloomberg TV

Most people outside of Germany have no idea that Volkswagen’s (VW) best-selling product doesn’t have an engine, wheels, or anything else you would expect a car to have.  The reason is that it isn’t a car at all; it is sausage!  Last year, VW sold 6.4 million currywurst sausages compared to 5.7 million VW branded vehicles.

Since 1973, VW has been making a special curry-flavored sausage out of its Wolfsburg plant, and originally created them to serve to employees.  Throughout the years this niche sausage began growing in popularity, and today can be found at VW factories, the Autostadt and a limited amount of supermarkets in Germany.

Bloomberg TV released a behind the scenes video on the making of this little-known sausage on Monday, which can be viewed below.  One interesting fact revealed in the video is that the 6.4 million VW sausages produced are enough to stretch from the Wolfsburg plant in Germany all the way down to Rome, Italy.  That’s a lot of sausage for a company known for making cars.

So next time you are in Germany, have a go at finding this rare sausage, and while you do, don’t forget to put some Volkswagen Ketchup on it.  Yes, not only does the company make their own sausage, but a ketchup to go with it.

Sources: Bloomberg, Jalopnik, VW

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