Milka World in Munich: A Milka Adventure Right in the City

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Do you love Milka… in fact Milka chocolates? If you can answer this with a definite YES, then Milka World in Munich will be heaven on earth for you. In 2012 Milka World opened doors on an entire floor of the Schrannenhalle, right behind the Viktualienmarkt, and has become a new Munich attraction.

I had heard about it, but on my recent trip to Munich I just had to check it out for myself.  I couldn’t believe my eyes…

A whole store decorated in the style of an Alpine hut, with little niches and windows that seem to look out on the Alpine mountain panorama, and walls of wooden shelves just filled with the tempting chocolates of the whole Milka assortment!

SAMSUNGBut that’s not all! Now you can not only eat Milka, you can be dressed in it as well! If the Milka Dirndl, by designer Lola Paltinger, is too fancy for you to visit Oktoberfest in, you may also choose from t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, jeans and for the guys of course the perfect Lederhosen. I actually forgot if those were lilac as well…

But there is even more. Your dog can slurp water out of a Milka bowl, while your baby is sipping on his Milka bottle, and your toddler checks out tasty Milka chocolate snacks packed away in her Milka lunchbox.  And picture this, while you start getting ready for a day at the Oktoberfest by packing your Milka backpack (which is quite cute actually! ), you grab your iPad and stash it away in the oh-so-fashionable Milka Alpine style iPad cover that looks like a Janker (Tyrolean jacket) for this electronic device!

If you like, you can live ‘Milka Lifestyle all the way, and organize your entire household in the Milka look and feel, while you pretend to inhale fresh alpine air with every stride through your Milka home. Milka cappuccino machine or toaster anyone?

Fascinated, I am asking the saleslady in her cute lilac dirndl, if there were more Milka worlds planned for in other German cities. She looks at me bewildered that someone could even voice such a question, and smilingly replies: “There is only one earth, one god and one Milka World!“

What a statement! Now I was the one looking perplexed. Stunned by such profound words I slowly walked towards the exit…

The merchandising kingdom has conquered Germany!



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