Nearly Half of German TV Viewers Engage In Second Screen Experience

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Second Screen Trends

According to a new survey done by cable operator Kabel Deutschland, 43% of the German TV audience is embracing the second screen experience while watching their favorite programs.  This includes using either a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to engage in some form with what they are watching.

Second screen experiences are not entirely new, but with the advancements in smart phones and tablets, it is not only getting easier to do, but companies are seeing the marketing benefits in the rise of use.  Have you ever watched a TV show or movie and pulled out your phone to see why that actor looks so familiar?  How about firing up Shazam to figure out the song that is playing so you can download it using the same device?  Those are some of the most common second screen experiences, and you may not have even known there was a name for it.

In the Kabel Deutschland study, it turns out that viewers under the age of 34 took part the most.  With 63% of respondents in that age group stating that they watched TV with an internet-enabled device close by to interact in a variety of ways, which means that only about a third of these viewers gave the TV set their full attention.

There was also a sizable difference between men and women according to the study.  Men tend to be more likely to engage in the second screen experience (47%) where as only 38% of women tend to take their undivided attention away from the TV to their phone, tablet, or laptop.

If you are wondering how the German numbers compare to those seen in the US, we were able to find some recent numbers that show the US slightly ahead.  Earlier this year, BI Intelligence released numbers that showed that in the US, “85% of smartphone users reported second screen-linked behavior at least once a month, over 60% reported doing it on a weekly basis, and 39% did so daily.”  In a similar younger demographic (18-24 years old), 80% of respondents claimed to be engaged with their TV program through the use of a mobile device.

It’s hard not to believe that this number is only going to rise in the coming years as more TV shows and networks release dedicated second screen apps to enhance this growing trend.  Whether you want to find out more about what you see on TV or just want to share the moment with friends over social networks, it is becoming easier every year to do so with the devices you have within arms reach.

Do fall into the category of being a second screen user?  Feel free to share how you use your mobile devices when watching TV by leaving a comment.


Sources: The Unwired, Business Insider
Photo: Lee Bennett [Flickr]

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