Sunflower Dirndl Created By Rare Makes Appearance In The Nickelodeon Original Movie Swindle

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The Chicago-based Rare Dirndln has been releasing jaw-dropping German tracht in recent years thanks to the edgy and modern design stylings of Erika Neumayer. Apparently we aren’t the only ones though that have been impressed with the modern take on this ethnic German clothing; Rare’s Sunflower Dirndl has made an appearance on the latest Nickelodeon original movie Swindle this past weekend.

Erika Neumayer first received a call from a Nickelodeon costume coordinator looking to get her hands on the recently sold out Sunflower Dirndl last summer to be used on an undisclosed show for the Canadian version of the channel. Neumayer seized the opportunity and rushed to the sewing machine to get one made, shipped it Canada, and then that was the last she heard about the project.

sunflower_dirndl_paisleyAccording to a recent posting on the official Rare blog, Erika Neumayer mentions that she tried contacting the costume designer to see when, or if, the dirndl would be making an appearance, but heard nothing until a few weeks ago when a customer, who had ordered one of the Sunflower Dirndls, happened to catch a glimpse of it on a Nickelodeon promo. The customer’s note read, “So I was babysitting today and this came on the tv! A rare dirndl! I think the show is called Sam and cat…or something. How awesome! Congrats!”

It turns out that the Sunflower Dirndl was set to make an appearance on the Nickelodeon TV movie Swindle, worn by one of the channel’s well-known actresses Jennette MCurdy. We’ve included a promotional trailer for the movie below, in which the dirndl shows up about 37 seconds in.

We’re always excited to see a forward thinking German-American company gain exposure, especially in the media, and if you’ve yet to see some of the great designs produced by Rare for both women and men, we encourage you to do so. You can also find our write-up on Rare here to learn more about the company and its designer Erika Neumayer.

If you want to see some of the new designs in person, there will be an open house at the Rare design studio in Chicago, located at 5051 N. Lincoln Ave., on September 7 (4-7pm) and 8 (2-7pm). If you cannot make it out to the design studio, Rare will also be holding an Oktoberfest fashion show at the Hofbräuhaus in Rosemont on September 18 and October 16.


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Photos: Nickelodeon

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