Weekly Roundup: A Germany Without Sausage or Beer

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


Could you imagine a Germany without sausage?  How about a majority of German’s opting for an alcoholic beverage that isn’t beer?  This week’s stories cover those topics along with some recent developments in the medical field that center around iPads and drones.  Yes, we have a story about drones that doesn’t involve spying or attacking this week.

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“Wurst luck – how Zeppelins hit German sausage-eaters” – The Guardian

Zeppelin documentary“Although Winston Churchill dismissed them as “enormous bladders of combustible and explosive gas” before the first world war began, the leviathans that loomed out of the night skies to drop their bombs on England nearly a century ago exploded the illusion of civilian safety on the home front for ever…”


“Frankfurt, The German City That Doesn’t Drink Beer” – Jaunted

thumb-apple-wine“The city of Frankfurt boasts the largest skyline in Europe (shown above in all its modesty), but that’s not why it stands out amongst the crowd. No, this Germany city has an even bigger secret: It doesn’t drink beer. We know what you’re thinking. A German city that doesn’t drink beer? Blasphemy! But no, seriously, it’s true...”


“Fraunhofer iPad app guides liver surgery through augmented reality” – Engadget

thumb-ipad-surgery“Liver surgery is more than a little dangerous — with so many blood vessels, one wrong cut can lead to disaster. Fraunhofer MEVIS has just tested a new generation of augmented reality iPad app that could minimize those risks. The tool puts a 3D vessel map on top of live video of a patient, telling the surgeon where it’s safe to make incisions…”


“Germans turned off by tap water” – DW

thumb-tap-water“Germans love their bottled water. Tap water largely plays second fiddle, and public drinking fountains are a rarity. But some Germans are trying to wean their countrymen and women off the bottle – and onto the tap. Germany is on the whole an environmentally friendly country. People recycle fervently, have an active Green political party, and…”


“Inventors unveil drone for heart attack victims” – The Local

thumb-heart-attack-drone“German inventors unveiled a drone carrying a defibrillator on Friday which they hope will be able to save the lives of heart attack patients.  Every year 100,000 people die in Germany from heart attacks and the inventors hope that a drone will be able to deliver a defibrillator to revive the patient quicker than an ambulance…”


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