Weekly Roundup: The Spying Must Go

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


Not a week goes by without new spying info coming out of Germany.  The latest news has Germany and the United States negotiating a non-spying pact while a German gaming studio throws together a web game based on Edward Snowden’s run from the NSA.  Fortunately there’s other news going on and you’ll find in this week’s Weekly Roundup. Ever wonder why beer bottles come in different colors?  Continue reading to find out.

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“As German-American Heritage Museum Director Lentz Moves On, A Look Back” – Germany.info

thumb-lentz“‘History is best told by stories about persons. That’s what this museum is about.’ Rüdiger Lentz should know. As Executive Director of the German-American Heritage Museum of the USA (GAHM), Lentz put his expert storytelling skills, honed over a lengthy journalism career, to use while launching, developing, creating every aspect of the museum…”


“What Does the Color of Your Beer Bottle Mean?” – Berghoff Beer

thumb-beer-bottle-color“While beer experts might know a thing or two about the color of a beer bottle, many consumers don’t take much notice to why one bottle color is different from the other. Some are green, others clear, brown, and now we even have aluminum bottles. What’s the point of all these different colors? Well, some of it is aesthetic while a lot of it is science…”


“Official: US, Germany to Negotiate ‘No Spy’ Pact” – ABC News

“Germany and the United States will begin negotiations this month on an agreement not to spy on one another in wake of the revelations by NSA leaker Edward Snowden about massive electronic surveillance by the National Security Agency, a senior German official said Monday…”


“German studio creates game based on Edward Snowden” – Polygon

thumb-snowden-game“Fledgling Berlin-based game development studio has created a game based on former CIA employee Edward Snowden called Eddy’s Run: The Prism Prison.  “It is a contribution in the fight against total surveillance and the undermining of democracy. It is our way of protest, an art project that aims to wake up people who still naively think that observation is necessary and…”


“Smart Meters, Sluggish Policy? Germany Rejects Fast Smart Meter Rollout” – Green Tech Media

thumb-smart-meters“It’s a bitter pill for German smart meter manufacturers, but the news is easier to swallow for the country’s utility ratepayers: the German Ministry of Economics announced it will not follow EU recommendations to install smart meters for 80 percent of consumers by 2022…”


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