BMW Stoller is the Ultimate Driving Machine For Your Child

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


If you think about it, the stroller can be seen as your child’s first car.  Sure they can’t drive it by themselves, at least you hope not, but it has 3-4 wheels and gets them to where they need to go.  So why not go for the ultimate driving machine with a BMW Stroller?

Maclaren, the British premium baby stroller manufacturer, teamed up with Germany’s BMW to create a stroller that ha style.  Okay, so there isn’t anything giving this stroller more power, but it will fit in nice if you already have a BMW sitting in the garage.  This stroller sports the iconic kidney-style grill on the stroller’s canopy, which you can also look as being the hood, and features the BMW logo on the hubcaps and seatbelt.

BMW Stroller WheelCarolyn Komminsk, the chief of design at Maclaren, spent time studying the various models of BMW vehicles to get a sense of the design and materials often used.  Komminsk noted that the “Maclaren BMW Buggy is meant to reflect the sleek design and efficient maneuvering of the BMW and the innovation, design, style and safety of Maclaren.”

And just like a real BMW, there are add-ons that allow you to make the vehicle even better.  Some of the accessories include a cup holder, umbrella, foot muff, and a blanket, all prominently displaying the BMW logo.

Maclaren hopes to attract the attention of fathers who aren’t always that involved with the buying decision when it comes to strollers.  Ms. Komminsk commented that she believes she has “captured the enthusiasm of car, design and style enthusiasts… Our buggies have VIN numbers, like a car, so we can trace a unique part all the way back to its origin.”

The BMW Stroller is available in silver, black, or blue, and retails for $385 in stores and online.  If you want to get your hands one of these strollers, it is available at most large chains that carry strollers, and of course online at Amazon.


Sources: Maclaren, NYTimes

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