“How German Sounds” Video Goes Viral, But Does It Accurately Depict the Language?

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

How German Sounds

Over the last week I have watched the “How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages” YouTube video by the Copy Cat Channel cropping up on news sites small and big.  The entire concept of the video is to show the German language as being harsh compared to others such as English, Spanish, Italian, and French.  While it is meant to be a satire, it seems some of the larger news organizations treat it as an accurate depiction of the German language.

Yes, I have a sense of humor and I did enjoy watching the video, but all it should be seen as is a humorous over-exagerated video on the stereotype of the German language.  Despite being in their humor section, take a look at how CBS News introduces the video…

Ever notice how Germans sounds so severe? The German language is very intense, full of harsh vowels and long, hard-sounding words. Now that doesn’t make it bad, per se, just different than say English, Spanish, French or Italian. To see just how different, watch and learn from the humorously-educational video above posted by The Copy Cat Channel.

Can German sound as harsh as what is depicted in the video?  Of course, but so can any of the other languages it is compared to.  The thing is, not all Germans yell every word harshly like Hitler, and when said by someone without serious anger issues, it can sound just like the so-called “more beautiful” languages.

We found a video response to the original that accurately shows off how the words sound when said by a normal German.  If you still think the “How German Sounds” video is how the language sounds, check out the video below to see a better depiction.

What are your thoughts on the “How German Sounds” video?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


Sources: Youtube, CBS News

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