Weekly Roundup: Star Wars and Writing Balls

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


Most of this weeks Weekly Roundup stories weren’t big enough to reach the national media’s attention, except for maybe Snowden receiving the “Whistleblower Prize” in Germany, but not all great stories do.  From the recreation of a popular ‘Star Wars’ Starfighter to an inside look at one of the first typewriters, we think you’ll enjoy the tidbits we’ve selected to highlight from this past week.

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“German ‘Star Wars’ Fans Build Half-Scale Replica of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter” – Laughing Squid

thumb-star-wars-replica“A German team of prop builders and Star Wars fans at Project X1 created a fantastic half-scale replica of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 starfighter. The replica will be unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration Europe on July 26, 2013 in Messe Essen, Germany. You can view more photos on the Project X1 website…”


“It’s not ‘Hellraiser,’ it’s Nietzsche’s writing ball” – The Verge

thumb-writing-ball“Friedrich Nietzsche, the 19th century German philosopher whose polemic writings still resonate today, was among the first few people in the world to use a typewriter. Or, as it was called at the time, a writing ball. Crafted by Danish inventor Rasmus Malling-Hansen, the writing ball had a number of advantages over competing designs: it was quieter in operation, simpler in construction, cheaper, and more portable…”


“Snowden receives “Whistleblower Prize” in Germany” – DW

thumb-snowden-whistleblower“The man who leaked documents revealing the extent of US surveillance of electronic media, Edward Snowden, has been awarded the German “Whistleblower Prize” in absentia. He remains on the run in Moscow.The award goes to people who “reveal grave abuses and dangerous developments for people and society, democracy, peace and the environment in the public interest,” watchdog Transparency International said on its website…”


“A German solar battery startup comes to America” – Gigaom

thumb-solar-startup“The growth of solar panels installed on the rooftops of homes and businesses is paving a way for startups to make and create services from energy storage technology. A German startup, PROSOL Invest Deutschland, has developed a lithium-ion battery system that comes with wireless communication to control home appliances…”


“German sex attacker on loose after using spoon to tunnel out of prison cell” – NY Daily News

thumb-attacker-on-loose“German police are hunting a notorious sex beast who tunneled out of his prison cell with a spoon, a broom handle and a chair leg.  Thomas Schmidt, 25, is on the run after digging a hole through his third-floor room’s wall at Hamburg’s Remand Prison. He then tied his bed sheets together into a rope, attached it to the window and jumped down into a courtyard before climbing another wall to freedom…”


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