Berghoff Brewery Set To Launch Revamped Beer Lineup With Midwest Launch Parties

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New Berghoff Beers

Berghoff beer has been around since 1887, and for years was one of the most critically acclaimed German-style beers made in America. The brand had its ups and downs, and struggled to compete after going through several sales from the mid-50’s to the early 90’s though. General Beverage Distributors stepped in when the company was put up for sale in 1994, and since then the Berghoff brand has undergone some drastic recreations while still maintaining its German roots.

The Berghoff brand has come a long way since then, and the brewing company is now getting ready to launch a major recreation with seven new beers. With the help of two highly acclaimed beer experts, Randy Mosher and John Hannfan, Berghoff hopes to please fans new and old.

To celebrate the relaunch, Berghoff is doing a special sampling at Sheffield’s in Chicago on June 20th at 6pm and at Burnhearts Bar in Milwaukee on June 21 at 5pm. Attendees will get to experience each of the seven new recipes featured below along with food specials that will go great with the new brews. For more details on the sampling events, head on over to the Berghoff event page.


The New Berghoff Beers

Solstice Wit

Berghoff Solstice“Solstice is a carefully updated classic that starts with the traditional mix of super-pale 6-row malt, unmalted wheat and oats, giving the classic hazy appearance accompanied by a richcreaminess on the palate. We use a specially selected coriander and an exotic Asian citrus called calamansi for a bright, tantalizing nose; a dash of hops add another layer of aroma. And, as with any good witbier, it is unfiltered.”


Straight Up Hefeweizen

Berghoff Straight Up“Brewed with 60 percent malted wheat and 40 percent pilsner and other malts, it is an unfiltered beer with a cloudy appearance due to yeast and proteins that add a rich creamy mouthfeel. A classic Bavarian wheat beer yeast is used, adding subtle layers of banana, bubblegum and spicy clove, the signature trio for the style. The finish is creamy, dry and just a touch tangy.”


Dortwunder Lager

Berghoff Dortwunder“Starting with a base of US 2-row pilsner malt, we add just enough lightly-kilned Vienna and Munich malts to add a slight caramel character. Hops are New World versions of European classics, smooth and clean, but with some real personality as well. Late-kettle additions assure a beautiful, spicy-herbal aroma that blends nicely with the malts.”



“Like the classics, our version is deeply malty, with just enough hops to provide a sense of balance. But our version lightens up the body a little to avoid being too sweet, making for a crisper drinking experience. We start with the classic Vienna and Munich malts, but use a few other types as well for greater complexity as well as an easy drinkability. Slightly more hop bitterness as well as some pleasing hop aroma gives the Berghoff Oktoberfest a bit more punch and personality than the original.”


Sir Dunkel

Berghoff Sir Dunkle“In the old days, most dark beers had a reputation for being heavy, even sweet. Not this one. By reinterpreting some historic German traditions, including the ancient “altbier” style of Düsseldorf and adding a decidedly 21st century American twist to it, we’ve created a dark beer with a dry, refreshing character and a ton of personality.”


Reppin’ Red

Berghoff Reppin“Reppin’ Red blends seven malts for layer upon layer of caramel and toasted toffee with the uniquely peppery spiciness of rye and tops it all off with a mix of selected Pacific Northwest hops, chosen for their lively flavors and sophisticated aromas of flowers, pine and citrus.”


Winter Ale

“This rich, smooth copper-colored ale is brewed with six malts for a lot of aromatic complexity, with cookie, caramel, raisin and toasted marshmallow notes. New World versions of noble hop flavors bring a certain European elegance, but with a little more brash personality, topped off with the floral-and-citrus that the all American hop—Cascade—delivers”


Source: Berghoff Beers

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