Leaked Video Shows Near Collision Between German Drone and Passenger Jet

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

German Drone Near Collision

The Spiegel recently discovered some footage on YouTube that shows what could’ve been a fatal disaster between a German drone and an Airbus A300 jet carrying 100 passengers back in 2004.  Apparently the Ariana Afghan Airlines veered off-course and entered a restricted air zone as it was coming in for a landing at the Kabul Airport.  In the video that leaked online, you can see just how close the two aircrafts came, with some estimating the distance at only 6 feet.

The passenger jet made a safe landing but the drone wasn’t as lucky.  After entering the airplane’s wake turbulence, the EMT Luna X-2000 reconnaissance drone lost control and came crashing down somewhere in the Afghan capital of Kabul.

This piece of footage was marked as top-secret, but it somehow made its way out to the public back in 2006.  When it first hit YouTube, some questioned the authenticity of the footage, but according to the Spiegel article, Defense Ministry officials in Berlin have acknowledged it as being real.  One of the officials stated that the incident has and is been used to make it clear how important an anti-collision system is on the unmanned flying aircrafts.


Sources: Der Spiegel, RT
Photo: YouTube

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