Audi and T-Mobile Team Up To Bring Affordable Vehicle Data Plans Starting At $15/Month

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Audi Connect

Over the years we have become more connected to the internet thanks to the always on smart phones that we carry around with us wherever we go.  More recently we have seen car manufacturers wanting a piece of the game with the hope to make your vehicle into the ultimate mobile device.  Audi has proven this concept with their popular Audi Connect which made its debut back in 2011 and has a constant internet connection that brings passengers up-to-date Google maps, weather, fuel prices and more.  Looking to make this feature more enticing, Audi just announced a new plan with T-Mobile to offer one of the most competitively priced vehicle data plans on the market.

Plans start at just $15/month and bring full connectivity to the vehicle by providing not only driving related features like navigation and fuel prices but high-speed internet to up to 8 mobile devices.  That means your passengers can connect their smart phones, iPads, and laptops to the in-car wifi, sparing their own data plans for less connected areas.

“Audi and T-Mobile worked closely to develop the new pricing plan based on extensive research and feedback from both dealers and customers,” said Anupam Malhotra, Senior Manager, Connected Vehicle, Audi of America. “The T-Mobile-powered Audi connect service delivers unmatched connectivity to our customers at a rate that will turn their Audi into the ultimate mobile device. This plan will help move us toward the goal of one million connected Audi vehicles on the road worldwide by 2015.”

T-Mobile claims their plans include unlimited data access at the low rate, but we assume that with the option to have 8 devices connected there will be some throttling of data speeds if the usage gets too high.  In order to get the $15/month plan, Audi owners will have to pay for 30 months up front, which comes to a total cost of $450.  The price may seem a little steep for customers already spending a large amount on data plans for their phones, which are already with them in the car.  Audi and T-Mobile are also offering shorter term plans though for a slightly higher monthly cost with the per month plan priced at $30.


Sources: Audi

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