Negative Stereotypes Do Little To Stop Germany From Being One Of The Most Highly Regarded Nations

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Is it possible for a country to be marked with negative stereotypes yet be one of the most highly regarded nations in the world?  According to a recent story on Deutsche Welle and the input from German foreign correspondents working in over 15 countries, Germany has accomplished just that.  Now not all German stereotypes reflect a negative image, but some of the top ones include the notion that Germans are impatient, cold, dominant, and self-centered.  Despite all of that, Germans still carry a high reputation and even rank as the number two country for international investors according to the most recent “Nation Brand Index”.

In the Deutsche Welle piece, an American correspondent for Germany’s ARD TV network commented that “People respect us – but they don’t love us,” and that seems to be the shared observation that was made.  What’s even more interesting is that the common negative stereotypes play a major role in making up the positives.  People seem to like that the Germans are “hardworking, disciplined, very well organized and highly efficient”.

Germany has come a long ways towards erasing the grudge held by many nations over the country’s Nazi past.  The 2006 World Cup was seen as one of the larger turning points for Germany in terms of favorability, and more people are falling in love with German sports, medical care, cars, and of course their beer.  Some countries however are hoping that Germany will continue to become a larger international parter, but that progress has been a little slower since the country has tried to take a more cautious route since the end of WWII when it comes to political activism.

There are a lot more interesting tidbits to be found in the entire piece on DW.dw and we definitely feel it is a great read.  We would also love to hear what our readers think about the German stereotypes that are known around the world.  Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Sources: DW
Photo by Daniel Bammert via flickr

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