Just In Time For Easter, Kinder Egg Inspired Chocolates Go On Sale in America

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


One of Europe’s most recognizable chocolates, the Kinder Egg, has technically been banned from the US since 1938, despite being able to find them at local European shops around the country up until a few years ago.  Both kids and adults love the hollow chocolate eggs with the surprise toy inside and travelers have made numerous attempts to bring them into the United States upon their return.  While many have had success smuggling them into the country, most of the time not realizing that it is illegal, there have been more than a handful of people who have faced large fines for doing so when caught.

Now a New Jersey candy company has stepped in to bring their own version of the Kinder Egg to market in the US with a nationwide retail rollout just in time for Easter.  Candy Treasure LLC has been selling chocolates with toy prizes inside on their website and small shops here and there, but it wasn’t until just a few days ago that you could start to see them appear on store shelves at larger retail stores like Target.  The Kinder Egg inspired candy goes by the name Choco Treasure and resembles the original all the way down to the yellow plastic capsule in the middle the holds the toy surprise.

So why are the Choco Treasure eggs approved for sale in the US and the official Kinder Eggs are not?  It all has to do with the way the toy in the enclosed capsule is presented.  Candy Treasure worked closely with the FDA to come up with a design that would be safe for all ages.  Instead of having a loose capsule hidden away in the egg, the Choco Treasure version has a capsule with a ridge around it that also acts as a visible seam for the chocolate.  When a kid removes the foil wrapper from around the chocolate, it is visibly obvious that there is something there to uncover.

Not only do the Choco Treasure’s make it more obvious that there is a surprise toy hidden away in the chocolate, but the toy itself is made larger to prevent younger kids from choking on small pieces.  Thankfully Candy Treasure recognized that the toys found inside the official Kinder Eggs appealed to more than just kids and have come up with toys that adults can get a kick out of as well.  You won’t find a simple sticker hidden inside the yellow capsule, instead you will find toys such as a small deck of playing cards (all 52 or them), a miniature water gun, or even a 3D Puzzle.

Candy Treasure claims that their chocolate used is just as good as that found in the Kinder Egg, which is 100% milk chocolate, but it is missing the white chocolate layer inside that gives the Kinder Egg its unique taste.  The company claims that the reason the opted to leave out the white chocolate is that kids in the US prefer it that way.

We will try to get our hands on one of these Choco Treasure versions, which retail for between $1 and $1.49, to see just how close they’ve come to replicating the original Kinder Egg.  If you’ve tried it out, please feel free to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment or posting a photo of your prize on our Facebook page.


Sources: Choco Treasure, ABC News

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