Album Review: Herbert Grönemeyer Releases English Language Album ‘I Walk’ (Win An Autographed Copy)

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Herbert Grönemeyer is no stranger to the German music scene with over 18 million albums sold, making him the most successful artist in Germany, but in the US he is mostly an unknown.  Fans of the popular 1981 movie Das Boot may recognize his name for his role as Lt. Werner, but now he wants to bring a bit of his musical fame across the pond with his latest English language album I Walk which will be released in the US on February 26, 2013.

Those who are familiar with his German work may be quick to call his latest album a ‘Greatest Hits’ release in English, but I Walk is much more than that.  This is Grönemeyer’s 14th studio album, and while ten of the twelve songs are English versions of his earlier hits, he did not just do a simple translation and call it a day.  These songs have been rethought and redone from the ground up with subtle changes even made to the accompaniment.

Wanting to break into the English language market is less about a lack of recognition and more a desire for taking on a challenge of self-discovery.  Herbert Grönemeyer commented on the release of I Walk saying “I have to find my own challenges.  This is one of those moments where I think, ʻOK, letʼs try it.ʼ So letʼs start here and see what happens. I try to reinvent what Iʼm doing in my limited way. And thatʼs the fun. Thatʼs my joy. This is what I can do.”

I Walk starts off with one of Grönemeyer’s biggest hits, “Mensch”, where he is joined with Bono (lead singer from U2) on vocals and it is a great way to begin the album with a name familiar to US audiences.  But it is the duet with Antony Hegarty of Antony and The Johnsons that really packs a punch on the song “Will I Ever Learn”.  It is a song that gets more powerful the more you listen to it, which is a recurring theme on the album.

What makes Herbert Grönemeyer songs so special is the poetry of his lyrics.  Every song tells a story that portrays raw emotion that gives you the feeling that you’re getting an exclusive look into his soul.  Lyrics like “I’ve readied the ships / Hand wrapped the moon / I’ve cut all the cables / Nothing but the truth / I’ve burnt all of my bridges / To be alone with you” from “All That I Need” is just one of those poetic gems found on this album.

HerbertGroenemeyerIWalkSongs to Listen To:
Mensch (feat. Bono)
Will I Ever Learn (feat. Antony Hegarty)
Same Old Boys
All That I Need


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