Berlin Boombox Provides Real Sound Out Of The DIY Cardboard Kit

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Berlin Boombox

Back in May, Berlin designer Alex Pfaender took his crazy idea of making a do-it-yourself cardboard boombox and put it on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to see if people would really want one for themselves.  It turned out that 338 backers pledged $20,071 in one month, surpassing his set goal of $14,000, and now the Berlin Boombox has arrived at early adopter’s doors.

Just about anyone can put together this piece of hardware as the cardboard casing comes in one piece and the internal electric parts go together without the use of glue or tools.  The popular tech site The Verge got their hands on one of these unique sets and after 15 minutes the cardboard boombox was complete.

How does this $86 (65€) piece of cardboard sound?  According to The Verge, it “gets fairly loud, certainly enough to fill a room as long as it’s a bedroom and not a concert hall, and offers a level of clarity and range your laptop can’t hope to match, but it’s a long way behind what I’d expect even from normal $86 speakers.”

While you can find better sounding speakers for the same price, there is something about this retro looking player that also acts as a piece of art that makes it almost worth it.  Feel free to check out the full review by The Verge and head on over to the official Berlin Boombox website to order yours today.


Source: Berlin Boombox, The Verge
Photo by Berlin Boombox

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