Chicago and Los Angeles Premier of “Hitler’s Children” Begins This Friday

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


Many Germans across the world live with the guilt of the horrendous events that took place under Nazi Germany during World War II.  As time passes, those feelings of guilt are becoming less prominent, but for those who are direct descendants of Hitler’s inner circle, that guilt is still a daily struggle.

“Hitler’s Children”, originally released in 2011, is a fascinating documentary that looks at the lives of five descendants of some of Hitler’s closest Nazi officers (Goering, Himmler, Frank, Hoess, and Goeth) and how, despite them not participating in the atrocious acts of violence themselves, have to cope with what went on during those troubled years of Germany’s past.  Their surnames are associated with pure evil and they now feel that they are carrying on this terrible legacy as they go about their daily lives.

HITLER'S CHILDREN PosterThe film is currently making its U.S. debut across the country and the latest screenings will be held from February 15-21 in Chicago and Los Angeles.  Viewers will get a look at the stunning and emotional interviews of the five descendants who tell their stories of how they’ve decided to cope with their heartbreaking heritage.  Some have decided to go the route of public renunciation, while others seclude themselves and have even opted for sterilization in order to prevent the burden of guilt from being passed on.

There’s no denying that the subject matter of this film can be extremely emotional for many who have close connections to both sides of the events that took place during World War II and the Holocaust.  Many Germans would love to be able to move on and not be continuously associated with the acts carried out by Hitler, and I agree that they should be able to.  “Hitler’s Children” however presents a “message of hope for the future” and is a must see for those looking to move on.

Tickets are now available for screenings at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, and the Laemmle’s Music Hall in Beverly Hills and Laemmle Town Center in Encino, L.A.


Source: Hitler’s ChildrenGene Siskel Film Center, Laemmle Theatres

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