Are Germans Giving Up Their Beer For High-End and Healthier Alternatives?

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

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According to a recent Time article, data is showing that beer consumption in Germany is slowly declining and is now at its lowest point since the reunification of Germany in the early 90s.  Germans has always been known for their love of a well brewed beer but times are slowly changing.  The federal statistical office in Wiesbaden reported that sales of beer in 2012 were down 1.8% over last year with only 96.5 million hectolitres of beer.  That is still a lot of beer for a country the size of Germany, but the current trend isn’t looking too good.

So what are Germans replacing their beer with?  The online business journal [email protected] reported that the younger generation of Germans, which happen to be on the decline themselves, no longer see beer as fashionable.  This generation is instead opting for higher end mixed drinks and wine, and when it comes to quenching their thirst, water seems to be the go-to drink.

This transition may be healthier for the German population, but it has done some harm to the country’s economy.  Since 2000, 182 mid-sized breweries and 41 large ones have closed their doors, and the remaining major beer brewing corporations are having to find new ways to survive.  There are still more than 1,300 breweries in business in Germany, but the ownership of those is slowly changing as foreign companies take them over.  According to [email protected], five out of the six Munich based breweries are owned by foreign corporations.

Despite the recent decline, Germany is still seen as one of the top beer consuming countries in the world and it will take some time before that perception goes away.  Germans may not wear lederhosen on a daily basis, but if you ask your average American to describe the typical German, chances are the image of a beer drinking, lederhosen wearing man is what will come to mind.


Source: TimeStatistisches Bundesamt[email protected]
Photo by senator86 via Wikipedia

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