Collection of 1,000 Braun Products Go Up For Auction on Ebay

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Braun Auction

Do you have an extra $472,000 lying around that you don’t know how to spend?  If so, I want to be your friend, and you could spend it on a 1,000 piece collection of Braun’s most iconic work from 1955-1995.  The German based company was known for creating beautiful consumer products during its peak years, and has served as inspiration for the look of many Apple products including the iPod and the iMac.  Thanks to the legendary design work of Dieter Rams, Braun became a staple for German engineering and design around the world.

Over the years, a collector from Heidelberg, Germany, picked up every piece of Braun beauty he could get his hands on and is now putting his entire 1,000 item collection up for auction on eBay.  For a starting price of €350,000, or roughly $472,000, this collection could be yours.  That makes the average price of each item come out to $470.

The collection went up for auction about a week ago and had no bidders, but the seller feels the collection is a great value and put it back on eBay to give you an extra few days to think it over.  You still have about 6 days to place your bid, so if your interested, or just curious about what is in the collection, you can check out the curator’s website for pictures and a complete list.  You might want to act fast though as Jonathan Ive may have his eyes on this set.


Via: The Verge
Source: eBay, Braun Design Collection

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