Designer Markus Gerke Envisions “Facebook Now” Smart Watch Concept

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


I’m a fan of Markus Gerke’s creative design concepts which are well thought out, and while some of his ideas seem really out there, there is an odd sense of believability that what he envisions could actually come to market.  Some seem really crazy like his Instagram Glasses which we previously wrote about, but his latest concept is closer to reality.

While this German designer did not come up with the first smart watch concept, his take on the product is one of the more advanced ideas that I’ve seen.  Gerke calls his idea Facebook Now, but in reality the concept is more than just a Facebook add-on.  The idea is for a watch that aids in carrying out the smaller tasks that you would normally use your smartphone for, such as taking a quick photo, looking up a contact, or even controlling your music and videos.  One of his more clever ideas on this concept is the battery that gets recharged by your skin as you wear it.

Of course this is only a concept design and not a product even in development, at least not by Gerke, but his attention to detail is something to see.  Markus Gerke is a German designer to keep your eyes on in the near future.  Check out some of his “product shots” below to see what I mean, and visit the source link for even more impressive shots.

facebook_now side_colors facebook_now connectfacebook_now front_contacts facebook_nowremote



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