Aviation Week Names German Chancellor Angela Merkel Person of the Year

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

AW Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is no stranger to the numerous person of the year awards as she is often somewhere at the top of the list.  Yesterday, the leading aviation, aerospace and defense industries magazine, Aviation Week & Space Technology, put Merkel at the top of their own 2012 Person of the Year list.

The choice to name Angela Merkel the top person may seem odd in a magazine focusing on Aviation, but she has had quite the impact on the industry in the past year.  Last year, Merkel played a key role in stopping a $45 billion merger between European Aeronautics Defence & Space Company (EADS) and Britain’s BAE Systems (BAE) which wasn’t without controversy.  The merger, if approved, would have resulted in the largest company in the aerospace industry with an estimated annual revenue of $100 billion, and would have surely changed the landscape of the industry.

Aviation Week & Space Technology Editor-in-Chief Joseph C. Anselmo stated that “Angela Merkel possesses a distinct skepticism about majestic visions of European integration, and as a result killed the EADS-BAE tie-up for purely political reasons.”

Readers of the magazine may be surprised with the publication’s choice, as Merkel’s decision was largely seen as a setback for the industry.  Even if you’re not in the industry and know little about the EADS/BAE merger controversy, the write-up on Merkel in Aviation Week is still an interesting read.  You can find the full article in the source link below.


Source: Aviation Week

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