German Court Rules In Favor Of Patients Growing Their Own Pot… Sort Of

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs


While most of the news coverage on legal marijuana issues are focused on various new laws in the United States, Germany has just had a major ruling of their own.  Up until now, Germans who were prescribed medical marijuana were not allowed to grow their own pot despite the lack of and affordability of legal cannabis treatment.  With a new German court ruling, seriously ill patients may get a break once it is approved.

Some medical marijuana patients feel the new ruling is still too restrictive though as it is only geared to seriously ill people when no other effective treatments are available.  The Federal Administrative Court in Münster ruled that “if an affordable treatment option is missing, a license for personal cultivation of cannabis has to be taken into consideration – at the discretion of the BfArM [Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices].”

Even those who can be classified as being seriously ill still have a small roadblock to face.  If their health insurance covers a cannabis-based medication such as dronabinol, they will be denied their request to grow their own pot.  The problem with that clause is that many medical experts argue that drugs like dronabinol act more like supplements and are not as effective as pure cannabis.

Despite the strict limitations to the new court ruling, it is still being considered a milestone ruling as Germany continues to loosen restrictions on marijuana for its citizens.  Do you think the new law goes far enough or should it still be easier for Germans to grow their own pot for medical purposes?  Let us know in the comments below.


Source: Deutsche Welle
Photo: Cannabis Training University

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