Is Germany Exporting Their Growing Elderly Population?

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

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On Wednesday, the Guardian ran a story on how Germany is”deporting” thousands of elderly and sick citizens due to the rising cost of care.  Germans who are unable to afford their care and retirement housing costs, which cost on average between €2,900 and €3,400 a month, are being relocated to Eastern Europe and Asia.  This odd move by the German government seems to be a sad and unnecessary fix to a larger political problem.

Right now it is estimated that 7,146 retired Germans are in retirement homes in Hungary as of 2011 and another 3,000 have been sent to the Czech Republic.  Spain, Slovakia, Greece, Ukraine, Thailand, and the Philippines are also seeing an influx of Germans being sent in to their retirement homes as well.

The Guardian spoke to Germans who were moved out of their home country and many believe they had no choice in the matter since costs were about a third to two-thirds the price found in Germany.  It does not appear that Germany is physically forcing these citizens to make the move, but one could argue that the lack of effort being made to lower costs is just as bad.

This is going to be a continuous problem if Germany’s politicians fail to deal with the issue, as the country’s population is trending older every year.  Germany’s federal bureau of statistics reports that over 400,000 seniors are unable to afford the cost of German retirement homes, a figure that is expected to grow by about 5% every year.

We recommend reading the entire report by the Guardian, found in the source link below, and we would love to hear your thoughts on this disturbing trend in the comments below.


Source: The Guardian
Photo by bacon_pola

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