“Nick, The Journey of a Lifetime”

By Christine Schimpf on Email

Did you ever wonder how many of the immigrants who found success in America made it? What drove them to cross the Atlantic Ocean to an unknown land and to a language they could not speak? Is there a story of immigration in your own family?

The story of Nick spans the twentieth century and introduces Nick and Theresa, a young Danube Swabian couple living in a small village nestled in Yugoslavia. Forced to escape an arranged marriage by her parents, Theresa hides until she is old enough to wed her sweetheart. When Nick is conscripted into the Yugoslav army to prepare for war, the couple faces a series of challenges with decisions that lead them to America where they become successful entrepreneurs. A deeply moving epic based on true events that reveals the strength of the human spirit, the power behind love for one another, and the possibility of reaching the American Dream.

The book is best suited on kitchen tables in small towns across America to inspire dialogue and open conversations about all of our pasts. It is meant to enlighten you on the events that happened to most ethnic Germans who settled along the Danube River, a people known as Danube Swabians. If you are seeking an honest portrayal with events that actually happened, to people who really existed, you will be well pleased.

Nick is available in digital and paperback formats at most online retailers including Barnes & Noble and Amazon (Paperback & Kindle), through Igrim and Betram distributors, and the following independent Wisconsin bookstores: Faith & Giggles (Hartford); Martha Merrell’s Books (Waukesha); Books & Company (Oconomowoc) and Book World (Minocqua).

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Christine Schimpf
Christine Schimpf graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts. She has published speeches, poems, magazine articles and theatrical student study guides. She is married to her husband for more than twenty years and lives and in rural Wisconsin where she attributes her source of inspiration.