Pixelschatten To Make US Debut With Screenings in New York and Los Angeles

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

No matter where you live in this world, if there is an internet connection, there are teens and young adults discovering life online with a variety of social networks and mediums.  It is one thing that people from a large mix of cultures can relate to, and that is what German director, Anil Kunnel, hopes to capture in his highly praised debut film Pixelschatten.

Pixelschatten is the story of Pixel, a 22 year old who blogs about the latest happenings with his friends in his small town, and for a period gained local fame while his site became a hit.  But like most fame, it comes to an end, and for Pixel it happens when his friends, and the local fans of his site, go off to college and begin new lives outside of that town they once called home.  In a last ditch effort to regain popularity, Pixel hopes to change lives with a single post…

Now this film, which is being called a mix  of “The Social Network” and “Enter the Void” with the controversial TV series “Skins”, is ready to make its debut in the US with screenings in New York and Los Angeles.  In order for the Dec. 13th New York screening to happen though, there needs to be at least 66 people pre-registered for tickets by 6pm tonight.  They are about halfway there, so if you are interested in catching the debut, sign up now.  Tickets are $12 and the screening will take place at AMC Loews Village 7.

Our California readers don’t need to be in as much of a rush if they want to catch Pixelschatten.  The film will be making its way to the Downtown Independent Theatre in LA on January 9th in the form of a “drunk tweet friendly screening.”  Sounds interesting…

Feel free to check out the trailer for Pixelschatten below, and if looks like your type of movie, make sure you take this opportunity to catch the US debut.  Links to more info and ticket details are located in the source links.


Source: Pixelschatten, NYC Screening, LA Screening

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