German Government Launches Directory of Useful Apps

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

With hundreds of thousands of apps available for phones and tablets across a variety mobile operating systems and stores, it can often be difficult to find the app you didn’t know you wanted.  Since you’re reading this site, I’m assuming you have an interest in German-related topics, and if you wanted to find an app that would allow you to delve deeper into your German-loving side, you may get lost on the official app stores.  The good news is that, thanks to the German government, there is now an app directory that will point you to all of those great apps for your iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. is a central location where you will find a large variety of German related apps that can be further refined to regions of Germany or specific themes such as sports, family, news, and more.  It appears that just about all of the apps in the directory come with the price tag of free, so you may find your phone loaded up with tons great German apps very soon.

An added feature to the site that I really like is the listing of what areas of your device the app has access to.  Some apps require access to your camera or microphone, whereas some will gather more personal info such as your current location, contacts, or calendar data.  It’s great knowing whether an app will use this data, and this is something does that not many other app directories provide.

If your German language skills aren’t all that great, you may find the site a little difficult to use since there is no English translation, but many of the themes use relatively simple German words that, with a little trial and error, will get you to the apps you’re looking for.


Source:, Young Germany

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