“Reconciling Lives” To Launch in the US With Panel Discussion on German-Jewish Relations

By Amanda Pedersen on Email

At a reception at Allianz headquarters in Berlin, Germany, on October 12, 2012, Alvin Gilens’ book Reconciling Lives was officially launched. This book features the stories of young German volunteers sent by Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) to the US, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Israel. The focus of the book is to examine the relationships that were built with Holocaust survivors during a year of service from 2009-2010.

A panel discussion with some of the volunteers followed the launch which explored how the past can be rectified, how it affects people today, and what changes can be done. Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger hosted the event, together with Peter Lefkin and Christopher Worthley of Allianz.

A similar event will mark the launch of the book in the United States on Thursday, November 29, at 6pm. The evening will begin with a speech concerning German-Jewish relations by the American Jewish Committee’s Eugene DuBow. Author Alvin Gilens will also be present to help launch his book and answer questions. This will be followed by a panel discussion with young German and Jewish Americans who will explore how the younger generations relate to the Holocaust. It will also focus on what is being done to reconcile the past and the plans for the future.

The event, which is organized by Action Reconciliation Service for Peace in cooperation with the German Consulate in New York and the ACCESS Program of the AJC in New York, will take place at the German Consulate General, located at 871 UN Plaza in New York, New York (the intersection of 1st Avenue and 49th Street). Admission is free but attendees are required to reserve their seats in advance and doors will close at exactly 6pm so attendees must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to ensure they get seated. A photo ID is required at the door. For more information visit www.actionreconciliation.org


Source: ARSP, Germany.info
Photo © Westkreuz-Verlag

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Amanda Pedersen
Amanda Pedersen on Email