Tom Hanks and Halle Berry Appear on Germany’s Wetten Dass..?, Only To Leave Confused

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany can be home to some strange TV programming, and after appearing as guests on the hit TV show Wetten Dass..?, American actors Tom Hanks and Halle Berry got a true sense of the sometimes nonsensical shows Germans have grown to love.

The two actors went on last Saturday’s show to promote their latest film Cloud Atlas, which also happens to be the most expensive German film ever made at €110 million.  Used to the more straight forward American talk shows, Hanks and Berry were in for a surprise when they found themselves having to take part in crazy and often meaningless stunts for more than four hours.

In a statement given to Der Spiegel, Hanks summed up his experience by saying “at one point I was standing around with a funny cat hat on my head and watched as the host hopped around me… and the translator was literally saying ‘blah blah blah’ in my ear. He had given up trying to explain to me which famous German comedian was imitating which other famous German comedian. ‘You don’t need to know this,’ he told me.”

This was not the first time Tom Hanks appeared on Wetten Dass..?, but with the passing of time and a new host, he felt it was even harder to understand what was going on around him as the show went on.  Part of the confusion surely came from the language barrier, and although both actors had interpreters talking into their ear, it didn’t help that they themselves had no idea how to describe the crazy events.

Whether or not Tom Hanks and Halle Berry enjoyed their time on the show, it will more than likely give a boost to the opening weekend numbers for their film Cloud Atlas.  Despite the zaniness of the program, Wetten Dass..? captures a third of the German TV viewing audience with 11 million people tuning in to see the two actors last Saturday.  Feel free to check out some clips from the episode included below.


Source: The Local

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