Alcohol Ban in Nuremberg Train Station

By Darlene Fuchs on Email

Nuremberg Central Station has recently put a ban on alcohol consumption on Friday and Saturday evenings (8pm-6am), as well as pre-holiday nights.  Now the lively drunken parties that take place in many of Germany’s train stations will soon be a thing of the past in Nuremberg, Bavaria.

This ban on consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Nuremberg main train station has been put in place to eliminate individuals from meeting up and engaging in excessive social drinking prior to heading off to a local club.  The consumption of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited in the entire station including tunnels and platforms and if caught, a person may be removed from the premises and face prosecution.  However, this new rule does not apply to leased properties that serve alcoholic beverages commercially.  If a person buys a drink in a restaurant or shop, they must drink it prior to leaving the establishment.

Depending on traveler feedback, the passenger association, Pro Bahn, will continue to push for similar bans in all of Germany’s train stations.  What do you think?  Will the ban make a difference?  Let us know in the comments below.


Source: The Local
Photo by SabineNadineMelanie via flickr

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Darlene Fuchs