Germany’s L-Bank Thinks Outside of the Box To Visualize Their Annual Report

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Unless you are a huge fan of reading company financial statements, those annual reports you get from your bank or investment company generally go straight from the mailbox to the trash.  They are usually filled with a bunch of numbers that seem meaningless to the average person, however Germany’s L-Bank in Baden-Wuerttemberg hired an agency to present their annual report in a more creative and easy to understand way.

Jung von Matt, a creative agency in Sweden, took on the challenge set forth by L-Bank by taking all of those boring numbers and turning it into a museum-like art piece.  L-Bank’s annual report was presented using sets of photos of art installments that represented various numbers from their report.  When you see the images, you’ll agree that it beats the typical spreadsheet.

One such installment, which can be seen at the top of this post, uses 109 phones with the handset floating in the air to represent the number of business development programs provided by the bank each week.  The image below shows a cluster of 538 black balloons floating above a small bench to symbolize the metric tons of carbon dioxide saved per month due to the green choices the bank has made throughout the year.

What do you think?  Would receiving your banks annual report in this fashion cause you to take a second look, or would it still go straight from the mailbox to the trash?  Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.  If you’re interested in seeing more of the images used in the report, click on the Behance link in the sources below…


Source: Behance, The Verge, PSFK
Photos via Behance 

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