Twitter Follow of the Month: @RareDirndln

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

We are going to try to highlight a specific Twitter user every month that we believe provides interesting or quality content that you might enjoy.  Due to the craziness of last month’s Steuben Parades, we completely forgot to highlight a September follow… oops!  For the month of October though, we selected Erika Neumayer’s @RareDirndln which highlights her latest collections of German tracht with a twist.  In April we ran a story on Rare Dirndls, so we highly recommend reading it if you are unfamiliar with the fascinating work Erika Neumayer is doing.

By following @RareDirndln, you’ll also get an occasional inside look at the behind the scenes work going on, including the latest photo shoots as well as some unique custom designs made for customers.  With the Rare Studio/Boutique opening soon at 5051 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago, Erika Neumayer is also giving a detailed look at the progress and will be using Twitter as a way to let everyone know when the doors will open.

So if fashion interests you even just a little, be sure to check out @RareDirndln.  And for the guys reading this, don’t be fooled by the name… there are plenty of choices in the men’s collection that will make you feel a little more comfortable the next time you have to wear your German tracht.

If you know of a Twitter account that you think we should feature, send an email to [email protected] or send us a message on Twitter: @germanpulse


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