2012 Chicago Steuben Parade and German Fest Recap

By Darlene Fuchs on Email

Thank you to all our awesome German Pulse supporters from around the Chicago area who came out Saturday the 8th to March in the Steuben Day Parade.  It was our first year participating, but we were definitely recognized as a new and upcoming group of individuals proud of our German heritage. I am sure the green shirts, green banner and lively group, may have helped to make us visible.  “Diejenigen die Dinge anders sehen,” (The ones who see things differently) is a great slogan and gave German Pulse, two thumbs up from everyone that talked to us. Thank you to the “call outs” from the crowd along the parade route.

At the conclusion of the parade it was off to the festival grounds, which were already crowded, but a few good scouts were able to find a table.  After some beer and brats, the Oompa music started and many of us ended up schunkeling with Prinz Franz Josef I and I.L. Prinzessin Sangra I, who will also be with us in NYC.

At the end of the evening many of us had run out of business cards, companies were pledging their support and by the end of the day, German Pulse web hits were up over 120%.  Let’s see if we can beat this increase in traffic during the NYC Steuben Parade.

Once again, thank you to Hofbräu and Marshall Wolf Automation, our two anchor sponsors this year.  Kathy and Hans Wolf marched with us and will join us in New York City next Saturday the 15th. Rudi Seider, Hofbräuhaus export manager stopped by to check out the “green shirts” and was glad that Fred Schumacher, President of Hofbräuhaus of America, was an anchor sponsor of German Pulse.

For those of you marching with us in NYC, we are almost packed and ready to have a blast.  We have your “green shirts” packed, our legs and voices are on the mend and we will have a few nights of rest prior to a wonderfully chaotic NYC weekend.  NYC here we come!

Check out some photos below and head on over to our Facebook page for them all.

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Darlene Fuchs