German Teen’s Math Song Videos Spread Throughout German Schools

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Math can often be one of the harder subjects for students to grasp in schools, but a new set of music videos posted on YouTube by a German teen has made things a little easier for students in German math classes.  It’s amazing what a can be taught when put to a little music and clever lyrics.

Johann Beurich, an 18 year-old living near Dresden, started expressing his creative side by self-producing songs, but after coming up with a melody he had no lyrics to go along with it.  In what many would consider a strange move, Beurich decided to use mathematical equations as lyrics for his newly produced songs.  “I like math and music, and I wanted to bring them together… I wanted to be self-deprecating and I thought: Internet users are going to think that I’m just some crazy guy who sings math songs out of boredom.” he explains.

So a year and a half ago, Johann Beurich posted his first math song on YouTube and to his surprise, the videos spread throughout the German school systems with high praises from both teachers and students.  What’s great is that instead of creating videos with just the very basics of math, he instead opted to teach the less popular sines, binomial formulas, polynomials and linear functions.

His entertaining spin on math has brought some fun back into learning math and with 10 songs completed already, Beurich hopes to get at least one more video made before going off to the Dresden University of Technology to study mathematics this fall.  He also teased that he has many other ideas for the future, so even if math isn’t your thing, check back with him on his YouTube channel,, to see what he has planned for his next big thing.



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