German Medal Winners at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Part 1

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It has been a week since the 2012 Summer Olympics in London kicked off, and we wanted to give our readers a rundown on how well the Germans have been performing.  Before the games, reported that the Institute of Applied Training Science (IAT) at the University of Leipzig came up with a scientific prediction for the amount of Olympic medals Germany would take home: 15 golds, 19 silvers and 20 bronzes to make a total of 54 medals.  How close is Germany to that prediction after one week?  Continue reading to find out…

Gold Medal Winners

Cycling (Track) – Women’s Team Sprint

Miriam Welte and Kristina Vogel took home gold after what appeared to be a second place finish.  The Chinese team crossed the finish line first in the women’s team sprint track cycling event, only to find out that they were disqualified due to a illegal lane change.  Although the German winners were all smiles when they got the news of their victory, Welte made the statement that “It wasn’t the way we wanted to win because the Chinese girls had been fantastic.”


Equestrian – Individual Eventing

Michael Jung made his Olympic debut during the London games and was able to pull off a first place finish in the individual Equestrian event.  Jung was favored to win after he won first place in the European and World championships.  Winning Gold in the Olympics makes him the first person to hold the Olympic, European and world titles in the same year.


Equestrian – Team Eventing

Germany won the Gold medal in the Equestrian Team event for the 2nd consecutive time, edging out the British team that was led by the queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips.  Michael Jung led the German team to a victory just before taking Gold in the individual event.  The other German participants included Peter Thomsen, Dirk Schrade, Ingrid Klimke, and Sandra Auffarth.


Rowing – Men’s Quadruple Sculls

Germany pulled off a surprising victory in the men’s quadruple sculls over the Croatian team that was expected to win after going into the final as being unbeaten in 2012.  The German athletes, Karl Schulze, Phillipp Wende, Lauritz Schoof, Tim Grohmann maintained a steady pace and sped past the Croatians to finish with a time of 5 minutes, 42.48 seconds to win the Gold medal.


Rowing – Men’s Eight

Favored to win, Germany finished with Gold in the Men’s Eight rowing competition for the first time since the country re-unified in 1990.  The team has been unbeaten in similar competitions since 2009, and narrowly took the victory over the 2008 Olympic champions from Canada.  Filip Adamski, Andreas Kuffner, Eric Johanesen, Maximilian Reinelt, Richard Schmidt, Lukas Mueller, Florian Mennigen, Kristof Wilke were able to cross the finish line in what was almost a photo finish with a half length lead.


Silver Medal Winners

Cycling (Road) – Men’s and Women’s Individual Time Trial

After skipping the 2012 Tour de France to rest up after a recent injury, German cyclist Tony Martin took home the Silver medal in the Men’s Individual Time Trial.  In the women’s Individual Time Trial, Germany’s Judith Arndt took the Silver medal as well, after finishing behind the American Kristin Armstrong.


Canoe Slalom – Men’s Canoe Single

Winning his first Olympic medal, Sideris Tasiadis of Germany placed second in the Men’s Canoe Single after being the fastest qualifier in the semifinals.  Tasiadis finished less than a second ahead of Slovakia’s Michal Martikan and appeared to almost take Gold at the last few seconds of the race as he almost edged past first place winner Tony Estanguet from France.


Fencing – Women’s Individual Epee

In an attempt to defend her 2008 Olympic Gold medal, Britta Heidemann faced off against Ukraine’s Yana Shemyakina which resulted in a surprising result where Heidemann finished second with a Silver medal.  In the semi-final match, Heidemann won after a controversial incident with South Korea’s Shin A Lam.  After a one-hour protest, Britta Heidemann moved on to the final match.  Although she isn’t blaming the incident for her second place finish, Heidemann admits to it causing some unneeded stress before the match.


Gymnastics – Men’s Individual All-Around

German gymnast Marcel Nguyen was in shock when he won the Silver medal in the Men’s All-Around in Gymnastics.  Nguyen was off to a rough start with a less than perfect pommel horse routine, but clinched the second place victory after an outstanding floor routine.  With this victory, Marcel Nguyen won Germany’s first men’s all-around Olympic medal since the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin.


Judo – Men’s -81kg and Women’s -70kg

2008 defending Gold medalist Ole Bischof won Silver after South Korea’s Kim Jae-Bum pulled off the win.  This men’s -81kg Judo event was an interesting rematch of the 2008 Olympics when both Ole Bischof and Kim Jae-Bum fought for the win.  This year the results were flipped.

In the women’s -70kg Judo match, tournament outsider Kerstin Thiele was able to take home the Silver medal.  Thiele was up against France’s Lucie Decosse, who was favored to win.  Although she finished second, Kerstin Thiele couldn’t be happier as it was completely unexpected for her to make it far in the competition.


Rowing – Women’s Quadruple Sculls

While the men were able to win Gold, the women were still able to gain the respectable Silver medal for the Quadruple Sculls Rowing competition.  Germany has always been a favorite to win in this competition, and this is only the second time that the women’s team has failed to win Gold since the sport was added in 1988.  It was a close race for second where Ann-Katrin Thiele, Carina Baer, Julia Richter, and Britta Oppelt were able to narrowly beat out the American team in the last 500 meters.


Bronze Medal Winners

Canoe Slalom – Men’s Kayak

23-year-old German Hannes Aigner won Bronze in the Men’s Kayak Slalom.  Aigner is still seen as a rising star that has a promising outlook for future games.  He has won Gold in the 2010 and 2011 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships.  Italy took Gold and the Czech Republic won silver in this Olympic event.


Cycling (Track) – Men’s Team Sprint

The German Men’s Team Sprint cyclists were expected to take Gold during this years’ games, but their lead rider Stefan Nimke pulled out of the race the morning of due to a back injury he received during training two weeks earlier.  Robert Forstemann replaced Nimke to ride with Rene Enders and Max Levy to come in third place with the Bronze medal.


Equestrian – Individual Eventing

The Germans have shown off their equestrian skills during these Olympic games by winning medals in both the individual and team events.  Sandra Auffarth took Bronze during the Individual event alongside the other German competitor Michael Jung who took home the Gold medal.


Judo – Men’s -100kg and Men’s +100kg

Germany was able to take the Bronze medal in both the Men’s Judo -100kg and +100kg competition.  Dimitri Peters won in the -100kg class and Andreas Toelzer took it in the +100kg class.  The Germans so far have won 4 medals in the various Judo competitions.


Table Tennis – Men’s Singles

The Chinese are usually favored to win in the Olympic Table Tennis competitions, and in the Men’s single it has remained true.  Germany however was able to come out of the match with a Bronze medal.  Germany’s Dimitrij Ovtcharov was more than happy to take the third place medal and stated that to him it felt like gold.


Source: London 2012

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