BMW Prototype Shows New Electric Scooter That Reaches 62 Miles Off A 3 Hour Charge

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

BMW is always coming up with new prototype vehicles that try to push the industry towards an all-electric power source, and their latest electric scooter does so with a stylish look.  The latest revision to the BMW C Evolution concept was shown off in London last friday and is meant to provide a balance of outstanding performance, functionality and design.  Off of a 3 hour charge, the scooter can be expected to travel a distance of up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) while reaching speeds of 75mph (120 kph).

While 62 miles on a charge isn’t a breakthrough number in the electric vehicle industry, the convenience of being able to plug in to either a household socket or charging station and be fully charged in 3 hours makes it a little harder to complain about this e-scooter.  There is also some energy regeneration technology backed into the C Evolution that automatically recuperates energy via engine drag torque in trailing throttle or during braking.  This new tech allows the range of the scooter to be increased between 10-20% depending on the riding style and environment.

We’ve included a video on the BMW C Evolution prototype below, but we must warn you, the guy hired to do the voiceover work should really pick a new career.


Source: BMW
Via: The Verge 

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