Vallure, the Gold Standard Premium German Vodka Now Available in the United States

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Vallure Vodka, a super premium vodka made in Germany, has finally made its way to the US and is available for purchase at select retailers.  Don’t expect to find a bottle at your local discount liquor store though.  Like many other German-made products, this vodka sells for a premium price.  Each 750mL bottle is cased in 24 karat gold and packaged in a two piece black shell with a red velvet interior, and sells for 369 Euros in Germany.  We haven’t been able to find the going price in the United States, but I’m sure there will be a mark up over the German retail price.

What make this vodka so special besides the fact that it is German-made?  According to Vallure, their vodka is “made with a unique, age-old recipe, and from the top percentage of the world’s finest German winter wheat. The vodka is subjected to a high level multi-distillation process followed by a genuine triple gold-filtering process, whereby the spirit is passed through three gold filters, boosting its flavor and increasing its smoothness.”  Vallure has been producing this premium German vodka for over 100 years and claims that at the turn of the 20th century they produced many bottles for the high-ranking Russian Czars, known for their connoisseurship in vodka.

By expanding into the US market, Vallure is hoping to quickly expand its market share.  Q. Ladraa, Co-founder of Vallure Vodka said “We are pleased to introduce Vallure Vodka to U.S. consumers that value the exceptional things in life.  Our search for perfection is our primary commitment and we look to exceed growing expectations.”

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