Europe’s Largest Carpooling Company Is Coming to the US

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Americans are spending $249 billion on gas every year, which averages up to 19% of household income, so it is no surprise that Europe’s largest carpooling company is trying to make a go at the US market.  The German owned currently operates in 45 countries with over 1 million people using the service per month.  Starring with a trial run in the Northeastern US, will try out their ride-sharing service that competitors have struggled to achieve in America in the past.

With more recent advancements in social networking and mobile technology, a lot of the hesitation among new members can be reduced.  Profile pages for each member are made available with detailed info on the user and reviews made by people who have shared a ride in the past.  Members can then use their smartphone or Facebook to book their ride with drivers the think will make a good match.  One of the largest obstacles in the US market though still remains.  Unlike most European workers, many US commuters tend to work in spread out suburban areas instead of more centralized cities.  In order for to be a success, a large amount of users will need to sign up for the service once it launches to provide enough routes that can be shared.

What do you think about ride-sharing services in the US?  Check out the short video from below and let us know if you believe they can make an impact in the American market.



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