Chicago Meetup Group Targets the Younger Germanic Crowd

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs is a great website for people with common interests to gather as a group on a local community level, and we’ve been seeing a growth in German themed groups cropping up all around the United States.  So many of them seem to get stuck, not knowing what to do, but a few do prosper with growing membership rates and ongoing events.   The Germanican Culture in Chicago group is one of the Meetup groups that seems to be doing something right.  New members are joining the free group every week and events are constantly being planned.

So what is making this group succeed?  Germanican Culture in Chicago is focusing on the younger generation of German culture lovers and is trying to present an up to date German culture that is more than “oomptata music, beer and brats.”  Their activities revolve around the modern culture of Germany by looking at German theatre, music, literature, sports, etc.

Julia, the group’s organizer, told German Pulse that “During the Winter and early spring we had a Kaffee und Kuchen Stammtisch at Julius Meinl. But know since the weather is nicer, I am planning on hosting a monthly restaurant Stammtisch where we try a different food place every time.”  While this is just one example of the regular events the group is putting on, other events also include Movie Nights at the DANK-Haus and Goethe Institut, game nights, and viewing parties for the Euro 2012 German soccer games.

If you looking for a growing German group in Chicago that offers something fresh and up to date, we recommend you check out Germanican Culture in Chicago.  Head on over to their Meetup page to find out how you can get involved.

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