Germany Plans For Big Growth in Wind Energy

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Germany is already a leading nation when it comes to its use of renewable energy, and ahead of the upcoming AWEA Windpower expo in Atlanta, four leading grid operators are drafting plans for the latest expansion of wind energy in Germany.  Wind is responsible for the majority of Germany’s renewable energy which, as a whole, provides over 20 percent of the country’s electricity.  If you want to know how this compares to the United States, in 2011, 13 percent of our electricity was generated by renewable energy, but most of that comes from the use of hydropower and not wind (wind came in 2nd).

Germany Trade & Invest, which will have a presence at this year’s AWEA stated that “Germany has one of the most extensive wind energy industries in the world. Efforts to remove obstacles underscore the political and public support for renewable energy in Germany. This will allow the expansion of wind energy to continue to grow, leading to excellent business opportunities.”

With the recent decision to eliminate all nuclear energy throughout the entire country, Germany has had to develop and invest in alternative energy sources, and wind has proven to be a viable source of power.  The next time you travel through Germany, don’t expect to see fields of windmills as you drive down the Autobahn… a large portion of Germany’s supply of wind power is being supplied by the growing offshore wind farms.


Source: Germany Trade & Invest,
Photo by southgeist via Flickr

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