Envisioning A Better Tomorrow

By Darlene Fuchs on Email

Working alone has become a common comfort in today’s society. Your children’s social life is on Facebook, you text your friends rather than calling them, you send e-cards rather than writing, and your social events are sent out with a tweet.  Most of todays students, when given the options, would rather work alone than in a group.  In today’s society, people do not want to be responsible for other people’s performance and, therefore, they would rather not work with others.

Not everyone is an extrovert, comfortable in group situations, possessing natural leadership qualities.  Most people tend to be self-conscious in group settings and share less when working on a project.  I am not saying that working alone is unacceptable or unproductive, but we must realize that we as German-American organizations are capable of so much more if we work together for the common good.

While ones strength of character and passion are what inspire great acts to occur, they alone do not change anything. You can dream and hope to become an engineer one day, but if you never do your math homework, you will never fulfill your dream.  We all know that are problems in our society and in many German-American organizations, so there is no reason to list them all, but there is one we often overlook.

Hoping for things to change, causes nothing to change, just like working alone does nothing to formulate an organizations goals and dreams for the next generation of members. Do not just hope for growth, get together with like-minded individuals in your circle of influence and implement things you can do to make a difference.  Change does not need to be radical in order to create a sustainable future. Ideas are an important aspect of change and change is what drives any organization closer and closer towards excellence.  If ideas are not used to feed an organizations progress, then growth will typically halt. If everyone just does a few simple things, it can have an incredible ripple effect and make an amazing difference.

What I have noticed is that most organizations are out of sync with the desires of Generation Y.  Historically, younger generations have stirred up new ideas causing some expected ‘irritation’ for older generations. It is not an attitude problem, it is the fact that Generation Y has different needs and ways of communicating.  They use Skype videoconferencing or iPhone’s Facetime to connect with others across the US. This way they have the flexibility to work together on a very regular basis, generating results.

If we can harness the wisdom and knowledge of the older generation and allow the creativity of the younger generation to guide our organizations in making changes, we will experience growth. The trick is to breakdown communication barriers and empower the Y Generation, otherwise we will find ourselves short of talented members when they are most needed.

Let your individual passion and hope inspire you, and find others that will work together with you.  Do not just sit alone in comfort and envision a better tomorrow, take the lead and make it happen.

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Darlene Fuchs