The “Jugend forscht” Competition for Young Scientific Talent

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They develop a pocket-size medical microscope from a smartphone, analyze the behaviour of football fans in the stadium based on the principle of swarm intelligence, or invent a mucking-out machine for horse stables – in other words, original solutions for everyday activities. When Germany’s most talented young scientists present their research results at the “Jugend forscht” Competition, they cover almost the whole spectrum of scientific-technical fields.

“Jugend forscht” is the largest European science competition for young people in the areas of: the working world, biology, chemistry, geo and space sciences, mathematics and computer science, physics and technology. The contest of young ideas is now coming to its climax in Erfurt, where the finals take place from May 17 to 20, 2012. At the 47th nationwide competition, which is running under the motto “We like what you have in your mind”, the winners from the regional competitions will join in the meeting of “the best of the best”: 187 young researchers from throughout Germany will be presenting more than 100 projects during the four-day competition. For instance, there will be an appliance created by three young talents that helps blind and deaf people to communicate by transferring the letters of words to special points in the palm of the hand and the fingers via vibrations.

The record number of entries in 2012 highlights the increasing enthusiasm of young people in Germany for the contest: 10,914 young scientists have entered the most well-known young talent competition in Germany – more than ever before in the 47-year history of “Jugend forscht”. “In Germany we have a huge treasure trove of young scientific-technological talents. The entries record shows just how attractive ‘Jugend forscht’ is among school students and trainees,” says Sven Baszio, managing director of the Jugend forscht Foundation.


article via Magazin-Deutschland
Photo © Stiftung Jugend forscht e. V.

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