Star Architect Ingenhoven Builds for Google

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Google’s going green! Well, at least the Internet company’s new headquarters is. It will be built by a team led by top German architect Christoph Ingenhoven (photograph). Google spokesperson Jordan Newman puts it this way: “We have asked them to build the most green, sustainable building possible.” Construction work will begin in 2012, right next to the current Google headquarters, Googleplex, in Mountain View, California. The site, measuring 60,000 square metres, will provide room for up to 3,000 engineers and scientists – as well as for the company’s top management.

Ingenhoven is a pioneer of sustainable architecture and has an outstanding reputation worldwide. In 1996, for example, he built the world’s first ecological high-rise, the headquarters of German energy supplier RWE in Essen, where an intelligent ventilation system uses the outside air to lower energy consumption. In the 139-metre-high building 1 Bligh, completed in Sydney in 2011, a double-skin glass facade provides natural ventilation. The office building of the Swarovski company on Lake Zurich uses lake water for heating and cooling. Christoph Ingenhoven is faced with a particular challenge in California: there is a risk of earthquakes in the region around Mountain View.


article via Magazin-Deutschland

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