Is Germany Really Less Friendly to Tourists than the United States?

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

Travel website just released its results on the most unfriendly countries for travelers to visit around the world. Surprisingly the United States didn’t even make the top 5, we’re number 7, but Germany made the number 4 spot with 9.93% of the vote. France topped the list with 19.29% followed by Russia and then the UK.

There has always been the stereotype of Germans not being the most friendly of people, but are they that much worse than many Americans? However, in a similar study, the United States took the number one spot for being the world’s rudest tourists. What do you think about the results?

The full results from the survey are included below along with the percentages:

French 19.29%
Russian 16.56%
British 10.43%
German 9.93%
Other 6.37%
Chinese 4.3%
American 3.39%
Spanish 3.15%
Italian 2.24%
Polish 2.24%
Turkish 2.15%
Indian 1.9%
Swiss 1.9%
Greek 1.74%
Croatian 1.57%
Austrian 1.41%
Cypriot 1.24%
Egyptian 1.24%
Korean 1.24%
Norwegian 0.99%
Australian 0.91%
Dutch 0.83%
Irish 0.83%
Swedish 0.83%
Japanese 0.66%
Danish 0.5%
Canadian 0.41%
New Zealander 0.41%
Indonesian 0.41%
Portuguese 0.33%
Thai 0.25%
Filipino 0.17%
Caribbean 0.08%
Brazilian 0.08%


Photo by Sprengben via Flickr

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