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The remarkable film sequences will leave a lasting impression on cinema audiences: at a dizzying height above the rooftops of Paris, Hugo Cabret clings to the hand of the huge railway clock. And: a small boy turns from man to machine as he transforms himself into a robot. “Hugo”, the latest work by Hollywood star director Martin Scorsese, is a veritable cinematic adventure, brilliantly produced in 3D. The filming of the children’s book about the 12-year-old orphan Hugo Cabret was one of the winners at the Academy Awards ceremony on February 26, 2012.

The Academy Award for Visual Effects is also a good reason for celebrations in Germany. This is where the specialists created the visual effects for “Hugo”. Pixomondo is the name of the company network in Frankfurt am Main, whose special effects artists worked at nine locations in Germany and around the world on the post-production of the Scorsese film. “As far as the digital effects are concerned, Pixomondo worked on 98 per cent of the film. In concrete terms, that’s a total of 854 shots. Altogether, we’re responsible for 62 minutes,” says Pixomondo’s Sebastian Leutner, as he explains the company’s contribution. The Pixomondo colleagues processed enormous amounts of data on their computers for the visual world of Hugo: more than 318 billion pixels were calculated. The data packet for Scorsese’s 3D film amounted to about 3,500 terabytes.

This is the kind of expertise that Hollywood needs for sophisticated effects and animation. The experts at Pixomondo were also involved in other blockbusters, in addition to “Hugo”. At last, being rewarded with an Oscar is doubtless the greatest recognition for the dream factory. “We are delighted and proud to hold an Oscar in our hands,” said Christian Vogt, head of Pixomondo Germany.

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