German Couch Potatoes Are On the Rise

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

A recent study shows that Germany once again beat their previous years record for the amount of time they spend watching TV.  In 2011, the average German over the age of three viewed 225 minutes (3 hours and 45 minutes) of TV per day, which is two minutes more than the 2010 average.  Over the span of a week, the average German watches 26.25 hours, which is only 1.75 hours less than the countries that take the number one spot… the US and UK.

What is interesting about the recent numbers are the breakdowns by age group.  Older Germans, aged 65 and above, watch the most television with an average of 306 minutes a day.  The age group with the largest increase of time in front of the TV, at 280 minutes, was the 50-64 age group.  The younger viewers did not change their TV viewing habits since the previous year, with the 3-13 age group viewing only 93 minutes a day.

With only a 2 minute increase from the previous year, it may take the German’s a while to catch up with the US, but all it really amounts to is an extra 15 minutes of TV per day to make it.  Maybe if German TV transitions to a more American style commercial break system they would have us beat.


Source: The Local

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