Cosmic Catastrophes

By Darlene Fuchs on Email

World sunsets, cosmic disasters, asteroid strikes, the Earth’s magnetic field collapses, solar storms destroy power grids …

What dangers threaten us from outer space? How likely are asteroids or Kometeneinstürze? Can you predict this?  Are massive solar flares predicted, paralyzing our high-tech world? What threatens your neighborhood, a supernova explosion? Is there a good possibility that the planetary constellations could cause a major earthquake? What impact does the moon have on the earth and its inhabitants?

All these dangers are there, but how likely are they? What threatens us in the foreseeable future, a cosmic catastrophe? What do the scientists say?

In December 2012, will we see the completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new front as forecasted by earlier Latin American civilizations, such as the Maya or the Aztecs? For many, these questions have resulted in the adoption of a “doomsday” mentality.

These questions are just some of the items, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arnold Hansel Meier, an astrophysicist at the University of Graz, located in Graz, Austria, tries to clarify in a clear and comprehensible manner..

The evolution of life on earth during the last 4,000,000,000 years was not uniform. Several different periods of mass extinction are known, the last led to the extinction of the dinosaurs some 60 million years old. The reasons for this mass extinction, at least in some cases is due to cosmic catastrophes, including the impact of asteroid sized bodies, near supernova explosions, etc. It is known, to scientists, that the ice ages resulted from the variations of the earths orbit around the sun.

Cosmic catastrophes must therefore be considered when one discusses the evolution of life on planets, especially the question of the habitability of them. Will 2012 bring cosmic catastrophes and the beginning of a new cycle here on Earth?

The book “Cosmic Catastrophes” is published by Verlag Vehling Graz, through Amazon – only available in German. ISBN-13: 978-3-85333-200-9

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Darlene Fuchs