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The New York Steuben Parade has secured broadcasting time on PBS for the first time ever.  There will be a live broadcast of the entire parade thanks to local New York stations and will be presented in HD to local New York residents.  This is a big advancement in the German American community where the German cultural parades often don’t even get a small mention during the evening news.

If you do not live in the New York area, you may have a chance to still catch the broadcast.  The German-American Steuben Parade is working to secure broadcasts on various PBS stations throughout the country, but they could use your help.  For those of you interested in watching the live parade from home, contact your local PBS station to let them know you want to see the New York Steuben Parade that is airing September 17 at 12pm ET on PBS channel 13.

Even though the German-American Steuben Parade has gotten broadcast time, they are responsible for covering the production cost  which doesn’t come cheap.  Because of this, they are offering various donation levels for individuals, families, and organizations.  You can visit their website for all the details.  Visit



New York, New York
New York has secured television broadcast time for whole parade but needs funding

Great news for German-Americans everywhere: For the first time ever, the New York Steuben Parade will be televised live on PBS thanks to a commitment from local New York stations WNET thirteen and WLIW21. One of the most colorful and exciting parades in New York City will now be available to a much larger audience, bringing German-American culture and traditions right into your living room. 

The 2011 Steuben Parade will be held on Saturday, September 17, starting promptly at 12 Noon and so will the broadcast. The experienced team of IMG Media, one of the largest production companies in the world and an expert for live coverage of mass events, will produce the program out of facilities right alongside the Parade route and stream an HD signal live to Channel 13. A repeat of the Steuben Parade will be shown on Sunday, September 18, at a time yet to be determined. 

The German-American Steuben Parade of New York is currently trying to get the Steuben Parade broadcast into other markets all over the United States and we are hopeful to get the program shown in areas with a strong German background. If you live in the Midwest, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, or any other area with a strong presence of German-American heritage, please petition your local PBS station to carry the signal from Channel 13. 

Within a short time after the Steuben Parade, a DVD will be available featuring the entire broadcast. 

At this time, we are asking you for help in financing our undertaking. It has long been a goal of the German-American community to have the New York Steuben Parade broadcast on TV to spread our heritage and tradition further and make people everywhere aware of who we are. Now that we succeeded and secured a spot on PBS, we need to cover the significant production cost, and we are asking for support. Can you become a partner for the program? Please pick one of the following categories to indicate your level of support: 

→ Generous individuals, families or organizations can support the broadcast at four different levels: 

You can become a PRODUCER for $1,000. You will see your name on an “underwriter slide” and be mentioned as part of the supportive German-American community during the broadcast. You will also receive a DVD of the Steuben Parade and the spectacular 2-DVD set “Visions in Germany”. 

You can become a DIRECTOR for $500 and receive a DVD of the Steuben Parade and the spectacular 2-DVD set “Visions in Germany”. 

You can become an EDITOR for $100 and receive a DVD of the Steuben Parade. 

Or become a FAN at the level of $50 and receive a Steuben Parade tote bag to proudly display your German-American heritage when shopping or going to the beach.

If this endeavor is successful we would hope that Chicago could find similar television broadcasting arrangements.

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