Will Germany Benefit from the Eurozone Crisis?

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

With the continuous unrest going on with Greece, financial journalist Max Keiser believes Germany can benefit greatly.  In a PressTV interview, Keiser stated that in the end, Germany will see a new reunification with its own currency and the emergence of a Fourth Reich.

Below is an excerpt from his interview…

Press TV: Max, I just like to look at a bigger picture that is the European Union picture of all this. We are hearing George Soros saying that Europe is on the verge of economic collapse and this is quite a big statement. Some even are saying that there is going to be a breakup in the eurozone, if you have also heard that. Do you think the unified eurozone currency is practically doomed now?

Keiser: It all depends on Germany and the fact is that Germany benefits greatly by a weakened in Greece, a weakened Ireland, a weakened Portugal and even a weakened Spain because the euro is relatively weak and this helps German’s export economy and Germany probably has the most robust dynamic economy in the world.

If they really want to solve this Greece problem, Germany should leave the Europe and let them to bring back the Deutschmark which immediately would trade up thirty or forty percent on world markets and then Germany would have to compete on world markets without having to beat up on Greece.

So based on Germany’s using this situation to their advantage, what will happen in the end is that you have a reunified Germany with their own currency and then we are going to see the fourth Reich. I put money on that. I bet you ten thousand euros. That is the story.

This isn’t the first time the idea of Germany reverting back to the Deutschmark has been thrown around.  What do you think of Keiser’s certainty that his prediction will happen? Would it be a good thing or bad?  Weigh in with your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Sources: PressTV


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