Discovering the Germany of Today – (Part 3)

By Stephen Fuchs on Email @StephenWFuchs

In Part 1 I discussed how German American organizations in the US have a tendency to only honor the traditions of Germany’s long past but never seem to want to progress to include newer cultural advancements.  In Part 2 the challenges of bring change to an organization and bringing in new ideas was examined.

Discovering Germany’s Modern Culture

In this last part of “Discovering the Germany of Today” I am providing a great resource for doing just that.  There are many websites that you could visit that will give you interesting articles on news in Germany, but it can often be hard to keep up with another countries news, let alone the latest current events in our own.  What I have found to be useful is the free Video on Demand service that Deutsche Welle offers on its website.  Available in English and German, you can find weekly video programs on the topics that interest you the most.   It is amazing how many quality programs they make available for people to watch and catch up with the latest news and cultural trends that are happening in Germany.  For people that want to bring more modern German culture to the US, they should really check these out.  Just this week there was a feature on their Art & Culture program about “the phenomenon of German schalger” music and whether or not it can still be seen as current in the US.  Sound familiar?

To give you a better idea of what types of programs Deutsche Welle provides, I will break down a few of them below.

Arts.21 – The Cultural Magazine
ARTS.21 is a culture magazine from a country that has much more to offer than just classics, Beethoven and Bayreuth. Culture in Germany is 21st century: Young photographers sought the world over. A thriving, cosmopolitan cultural scene in the capital Berlin and many other regions. Major festivals and fairs. German culture featured around the globe. ARTS.21 covers it all.

European Journal
European Journal keeps you informed about life in Europe. The magazine covers news from the International War Crimes Tribunal to reports on Belgian pommes frites vendors, from the efforts to get the European constitution off the ground to the end of traditional fox hunts in Britain. Be it the influence of the Mafia or the success of young Estonian entrepreneurs, European Journal is on the ball.

KINO shows you the latest in German film and reports on all the major international productions being shot in Germany. We take you behind the scenes, show you who is getting the red carpet treatment and who is winning the awards. Every month KINO gets you to meet the directors, actors, scriptwriters and producers.

Made in Germany
Made in Germany gives an inside view of the global economy, provides gripping business reports from the heart of Europe. From the world’s financial markets to the offices of top CEO’s, our reporters are where the economic action is. Every week top-flight business analysts visit our Berlin studios and explain current economic developments as they happen.

popXport – The German Music Magazine
popXport focuses on the music. Every programme includes video clips of current hits and a German pop music classic. It also provides a round-up of all the latest music videos and CD releases.

Talking Germany
“Talking Germany – The German Way of Life” An entertaining and informative look at what makes Germans tick, what they think and how they feel.You can watch host Peter Craven probe a guest about what life is like in Germany. Be they local celebrities or just people who’ve achieved something unusual and interesting, they will be talking in “Talking Germany”.

Those are just a few of the subjects you can check out, and Deutsche Welle makes it easy to subscribe to a podcast of each show so that the latest episodes are downloaded straight to your computer.  In order to “Discover the Germany of Today” we need to do a little discovering.  Knowing what is going on in Germany will help us share the latest culture with the rest of the German Americans.

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